why do you need a professional photo shoot?

I get it: You couldn't possibly be busier trying to make your restaurant a success. Who wants to worry about photos? Your customers can take snapshots with their iPhones and post to social media for you, right? Well, sure, but you didn't get where you are by taking shortcuts, and you shouldn't start now. Your website, materials and ads deserve a look that's just as delectable as your food; hiring a photographer with the right experience is unquestionably important for achieving that look. The stunning images you'll receive, coupled with your already great word-of-mouth, can be the difference between, "I'd like to check out that place sometime" and, "We need to make a reservation NOW!

Easy to work with, knowledgeable on so many different culinary topics, and always welcomed by chefs and restaurants, having Amy involved with my cookbook was a fantastic experience that I hope to repeat many more times in the future.
— John Holl, author of Dishing Up New Jersey