Hello, and happy New Year to you! I hope your 2015 is off to a productive start and your resolutions are still in motion. So far, so good for me: I've been planning out my business year and cleaning up my diet via Primal eating. (If you're interested in the food stuff, you can follow along as I share healthy meals over at Minimally Invasive.)

I know I haven't shared much that's going on here, but prepare for a big change on that front this year. To start, I recently launched Stockistry — a stock photography shop on Etsy — to sell affordable branding and product images for small business to use on their websites, in online stores and social media banners. My friend Jennifer Herrington of Seahorse Bend Press often wondered if there was an easier way to post product images in her store than doing a custom shoot each time, which got me thinking that there are probably plenty of other small business owners who have the same issue. They can't necessarily hire a photographer each time they launch a new product, but could get by with stock images and a little Photoshop know-how.

And that's how Stockistry was born. Things have been moving along swimmingly since the launch, so I wanted to show you how people are making these images their own!

First up is Megan Minns, who featured one of my holiday images in a desktop wallpaper giveaway for her readers. She has a lovely website and online boutique design studio that you really should take a look at.

Pen and Plume Designs with Stock Imagery by Stockistry.jpg

Next up is a stationery set by Pen and Plume Designs on Etsy, where they make liberal use of stock photography to bring their designs to life. This was originally posted as another holiday image, though I really think it's evergreen, so it'll live in my shop year-round.

Magnolia Creative Wallpaper with Stock Imagery by Stockistry

Lastly, we have another nice wallpaper option (above, right) from Magnolia Creative, a design studio run by another Louisiana girl, yay! This image features an array of objects I always have nearby and figured a lot of other creatives must, too. 

If you'd like to explore stock photography for your business, have a look around Stockistry and enjoy 20% off your order through Friday, 1/9/15 with code NEWYEAR2015 at checkout. I love taking on custom work, too, so if you need any product or food photography this year, drop me a line via my contact page. I'd love to hear from you!

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