Puppy Photo Shoot

In mid-January, the West Milford Animal Shelter more than doubled its dog population when a lovely pitbull named Nina and her newborn puppies were brought in, along with a wire-haired dachshund named Max, whom we think is the father. (Some of the puppies are looking a little wiry themselves, so our suspicions about Max inch more toward confirmation with each passing day.)

The puppies are nearly eight weeks old, so we did a photo shoot with them last week in preparation for their Petfinder profiles. If you're interested in adopting one of these gorgeous creatures, you'll need to visit the shelter, as we're only taking pre-adopt forms in person.* 

All five of the puppies are named for people who are dedicated to animal rescue. First up, we have Howard Stern and Beth Ostrosky! Howard is the guy on the left with the large patches of white fur on his nose and chest:

Beth O. and Howard Stern | Amy Roth Photo
Beth O. | Amy Roth Photo

This is Beth (above), the over-confident pup of the litter. With proper leadership she'll blossom into a sweetheart. When she isn't terrorizing the place as puppies do, she is a little cuddle bug. Beth quickly became the biggest of the litter with her dominant attitude, but she plays nicely with her siblings and loves to give the volunteers puppy kisses...

Beth O. and Howard Stern_Amy Roth Photo

...and to nibble on her brother Howard's ear, evidently.

Howard Stern and Beth O. | Amy Roth Photo

Howard is curious and finds himself in all kinds of trouble if given the opportunity. He isn't afraid to try anything once and his curiosity helped him to quickly learn his new surroundings. He's smart and always the first to find a way out. 

Howard Stern | Amy Roth Photo

This next little guy is Bob Barker, the smallest of the litter, but also the most outgoing. He may be the "Velcro" dog who really sticks to his human. While the whole litter follows volunteers around, Bob is the first to see them coming and continues to want to be with his humans. He is a smart guy who can figure out how to get into and out of many situations.

Bob Barker | Amy Roth Photo
Bob Barker_Amy Roth Photo

Lastly, we have Blake (Shelton) and Miranda (Lambert). Blake, on the left, has more of his dad's wiry hair while Miranda has a smoother coat.

Blake and Miranda | Amy Roth Photo

Blake's a really chill puppy. He struts his stuff as though he has all the confidence in the world, but he's actually a little leery of new situations. Once he realizes no harm will come to him he settles right in to whatever new activity presents itself.

Blake | Amy Roth Photo

Miranda is the quiet one of the bunch and will be a little lady when she gets older. She's happy to occupy herself with a toy and loves to be held. Miranda will likely be the couch potato of the litter.

Miranda | Amy Roth Photo
Blake & Miranda | Amy Roth Photo

I can't thank the shelter enough for allowing me to come in to photograph these pups! I love my day job, but food and product photography just can't give you all the feels the way puppies do!

*Puppies will not go home with you when you fill out the paperwork. Rather, applications will be reviewed and selected adopters contacted. Our adoption fee is $75.