More Doggie Love

Hello, everyone! I hope you're enjoying Spring, wherever you are. Now that it's warmed up a bit and all of the snow has melted, we're loving life that much more. Not that I don't enjoy spending time at home (especially now that we've put up our dining room shelves), but it's a wonderful thing to simply walk around the neighborhood without feeling like your extremities are going to fall right off and shatter from the cold.

On the work front, I've had a few food-related shoots in the last couple of months, but can't really share them with you until they're published. What I can share, however, are more photos from the West Milford Animal Shelter! All of these dogs are currently up for adoption, and after working with them for the past few weeks, I can tell you any one of them would make a great pet!

First up is Asia, an energetic little lovebug who enjoys trotting along beside you on walks and lots of play time. She's smart, too; she knows basic commands like sit, stay, and off and learns quickly. 

Asia | Amy Roth Photo

And here's Chance, Asia's buddy. He's a good guy who knows basic commands and loves to play, too, but he's really strong, so the shelter won't be adopting him out to a home with small children. 

Chance | Amy Roth Photo

And he has a lot of character, shown best in his smile.

Chance's Wish | Amy Roth Photo

Buster is a strapping American Bulldog who loves attention and is typically pretty mellow, though he may pull a little on leash if he sees something he wants to investigate. He was adopted out last November, but had separation anxiety issues, so he was returned to the shelter recently. Because of this, they're thinking he might possibly do better in a home that already has another dog.

Buster | Amy Roth Photo

And here's miss Brownie again, enjoying a beautiful Spring day and a little tug-of-war with a volunteer. She has that adorable Boxer underbite and loves getting attention and affection. She was brought in with Buster. Maybe they can be adopted together?

Brownie | Amy Roth Photo

And finally, here's our resident joker, Diesel, a gorgeous, affectionate Husky/Lab mix. 

Diesel Channels Groucho | Amy Roth Photo

If you're looking for a new, furry addition to the family this spring, stop by the West Milford Animal Shelter for a visit and meet all of the resident charmers. But if cats are more your speed, believe me, you won't be disappointed