Mistral Restaurant

Chef Nerenhausen of Mistral Restaurant | Amy Roth Photo.jpg

Where has the time gone?! I have so much to share with you! Over the summer, I took a temporary position in the production department at my former office (in NYC) and just lost the will to live for a while. Being back in the fold was pretty nice, actually; it was fun to see my old work friends again and a great change of pace to be part of a department again instead of working alone. The steady paycheck didn't hurt, either. The commute was a bear, though. I'm not sure how I did that trip for so many years, but it really sapped me this time around and left me without the inclination to blog. 

But I did have the opportunity to take on some photo shoots in my off hours. The one I'd like to share today was done on the 4th of July at Mistral Restaurant in Princeton, NJ, and appeared in the Fall issue of Edible Jersey (on p26, if you follow that link). The space is a knockout, flooded with natural light and a rustic feel that puts you at ease as soon as you enter. 

Mistral Restaurant | Amy Roth Photo.jpg
Mistral Decor | Amy Roth Photo.jpg
Mistral Interior | Amy Roth Photo.jpg

But the food is on another level entirely. One of the best things about being a food photographer is getting to sample the subjects and this was no exception. It's nearly a 90-minute drive for us, and I'd drop everything in a heartbeat to go back for a meal. Definitely check it out if you're looking for something new.

Beef Carpaccio
Beef Wellington

Chef Ben Nerehausen was focused and precise as he built each dish for me to photograph. You really do eat first with your eyes at this restaurant.

Chicken Liver Paté. This image was selected for the cover, which was a wonderful surprise.