Feeding the Soul

You know how much I love food photography and what a thrill I get whenever it hits me anew that this is my job. Honestly, how lucky am I?! But I also recognize how important it is to change things up, to introduce new life to the creative process and keep things from getting stagnant, so I've started a personal project I've been mulling over for a while, called In the Studio.

The idea is to explore artists' and artisans' processes, photograph them at work (and hopefully at play) and just generally get to know how other creative folk operate. Freelancing can be enormously fulfilling, but also a fairly lonely endeavor if you mostly work from home, as so many of us do. So what better remedy than to hang out for a few hours with kindred spirits, get rejuvenated and tell a story in the process?  

My first foray In the Studio was with Roz Weinberger of Roz Potz in northern New Jersey. We met at a local Women Entrepreneurs meeting and immediately felt a connection, so I knew she'd be perfect for my inaugural photo shoot. And her work just blows me away. The berry bowls alone are lovely and a worthy addition to any kitchen, but her work with horse hair is art I hope to own someday.

What I love about the series of photos I took is how it shows the strength coupled with a deft touch that's required to create pottery. And my lord, is it messy! My lens and I were covered with clay splatters by the end of the day. Art is so lovely to look at when it's done, but the process of making it is dirty, difficult and sometimes painful. I hope I've communicated even a little of that here. 

I've also started recording video with an eye toward offering it to my clients as part of a package with photography. Here's my first In the Studio video, showing Roz at work. 

If you're an artist or artisan (or know someone who is) and would like to be featured in my In the Studio series, drop me a line. I'd love to learn more about what you do!

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