Diesel and Brownie

A couple of weeks ago, I began volunteering with the West Milford Animal Shelter, something I've wanted to do for a long time. Our greys are rescued, but I wanted to do more to help local animals that need good homes. I'm on cat duty until I complete my dog training course, at which time I can go where needed, but for now I'm enjoying getting to know the felines and am happy tagging along on dog walks. 

During my orientation session, I also volunteered to photograph any animals they thought could use a special picture to pique the interest of adopters. So last Sunday, I had my first shoot!

First up is Diesel, a Husky/Lab mix who's just a big ball of fun.   

And then there's gorgeous little Brownie, a Boxer/Terrier mix, who is truly a little love bug.

Even though I just started volunteering, it's been very rewarding to spend time with these animals and get to know them. If you'd like to learn more about Diesel or Brownie, click the links on their names or visit the West Milford Animal Shelter website.