Baby Beets | Amy Roth Photo

How often do you really see the beauty in the food you're preparing? Even though I do this for a living, I'm as guilty as anyone of rushing through food prep to get a meal on the table (or in front of the camera, more likely). But when I take the time to appreciate all of the parts in front of me, I'm never disappointed. 

And I find myself taking that time more and more, especially now that the farmers' market is in full swing. But even the freshest, least picked-over produce can be a challenge to appreciate fully. Take beets, which are hard to love; they're lumpy and a little hairy, stain your hands and take a lot of work to prepare. It's easy to dismiss them because of appearances and say that their flavor is what makes them special, but I disagree. I really enjoy the difficulty of trying to communicate a story with them and highlight their best sides, as I tried to do here.

Tell me, what are your favorite shooting challenges?

Beets | Amy Roth Photo
Beets, Baby | Amy Roth Photo