All About Beer

All About Beer Magazine Cover | Amy Roth Photo

Now THAT's what I call a fun photo shoot. 

I know a lot of food photographers don't like to branch out into the drinks world, but it's become one of my favorite things to do. I love solving puzzles, which is what so many of these drinks shoots end up being — adding and subtracting light to control reflections while illuminating the beverage, performing styling magic to ensure a perfectly frosted or water-beaded glass that'll last for hours, or simply playing around to get the head on a beer looking just right. That last one took us a little while for this All About Beer cover shoot, but once Jeff, the creative director, and I nailed it, the heavens parted and the angels sang. (Or at least that's what it felt like.)

The part of this day that stands out most in my mind is a delicious little sense memory caused by a mistake I made. To revive the head, I stirred a touch too vigorously with a wooden chopstick and the glass overflowed onto the honeycomb and all over the marble surface. The smell of beer and honey flooded the room and I'm pretty sure Jeff and I both audibly groaned (and possibly salivated). Those scents were just made to go together. If you'd like to sample the goods, the beer is High Five, a hopped honey ale by The Pike Brewing Company. And if you do, let me know what you think — I didn't try the beer because I was doing Whole30 at the time!

So pick up a copy — it's on stands now. As I get older and one glass of red wine leaves me with a hangover, I'm turning to beer more and more often. I look forward to reading this issue and finding new beers to love!

ETA: Someone on Instagram asked me about the lighting setup for this shot. It's easier to show than to tell, so here it is. The backdrop in the diagram was actually white diffusion material (so the back light was double-diffused).

Lighting Diagram | Amy Roth Photo

Ballerina Body | Amy Roth Photo.jpg

And I can't even believe this, but I just noticed I never posted the winner of the Ballerina Body giveaway! So without further ado, the winner is...


Debbie, from Joplin, MO!