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Amy Roth specializes in commercial food, restaurant and product photography in northern New Jersey, LoHud and NYC.
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Let me guess. Are you:

  • frustrated because business is strong, but your photos are weak?

  • overwhelmed because you cannot be bothered to learn photography on top of the day-to-day demands of your business?

  • nervous that you won’t hire the right person to entrust your photos to?

  • confused about how to even find a food or product photographer, much less communicate what you want?

  • annoyed that your competitors seem to be doing this so much better than you?


First of all, you need to know that I’ve been there, and understand that frustration and overwhelm.

When I left my position as an art director and graphic designer in 2012 to pursue my food photography dream full-time, I was petrified. Sure, doing what I loved and excelled at was great — taking pictures! of food! for money! — but there’s so much more to running a business than the fun stuff, and I didn’t know how to do it all. Not even close. My hamster mind made sure I had plenty of sleepless nights mulling over marketing/cash flow/revenue streams/insurance/taxes/legal stuff that threatened to end my business before it had begun.

But I realized I don’t have to do it all, and guess what? Neither do you! I outsourced accounting, joined a mastermind for marketing, and partnered with local professionals for ventures that benefitted us both while allowing us to concentrate on what we do best and grow our businesses in the process.

Leaving the stuff that killed my soul to people who specialized in it relieved some of the stress I was feeling and let me pour my energy and excitement back into the creative side of my business, which is why I started food photography in the first place!

And you can do the same, starting with your photography problem!


You focus on your business
and I’ll focus on the photos

I fully believe that no experience is wasted. Those years I spent as a designer and art director? They expanded my vision as a photographer and now allow me to see where the photo shoot fits into the bigger picture. I understand how the photo integrates with your concept, branding, and design, and I’ve seen how making just the tiniest change to your strategy can result in customers beating down your door.

My time in the design trenches taught me plenty of things that I’ve been able to apply to my freelance business:

  • To ask the right questions at the beginning of a creative project that will ensure the end result is exactly what you envision.

  • To offer my opinion — based on experience — when I feel the lighting or styling can be tweaked to give you a better photo.

  • To value the work of a team, but step up and lead when it comes to my area of expertise.

  • To visualize how a photo will look in a layout and to show you on-screen during a shoot how it will integrate with your copy or design.

  • Plus, I know all of the tech-y goodness to deliver pristine images ready for print or web use.

“Amy has this gift of being able to elevate your work — a project that you know is great but without equally great photography will not sell or get out to the masses. I get compliments every day about my work now, about the photos that coordinate seamlessly across my site. This overhaul has been one of the top things I’ve done to increase sales in the last 6 months. Amy has taken my store from a low point and has increased my sales 60% with her photography.”

— Jennifer Herrington Wentworth, Seahorse Bend Press


work with me

A few ways to structure the photo shoot: 


1. You come to me

This is a great option if you can get out of the office/workplace for a day. I live in Ringwood, NJ — a lovely area surrounded by woods and lakes. (You may even see a family of deer strolling through the yard when you’re here.) I usually shoot in the dining room, adjacent to the kitchen, so the distance from prep to set is minimal. I have an entire room of props, backgrounds and surfaces ready to rent, so it’s the most economical option for you if you don’t have your own props or if we need to supplement on the fly.

One thing that’s often a plus for clients is my dog, Benny — a very friendly, but extremely lazy greyhound (even by greyhound standards). He isn’t allowed in the kitchen, but if you’re allergic to or fearful of dogs, we can look into one of the other options for working together.




Quality Control — Treats Division
Naptime Coordinator


2. I come to you

Obviously, this is the option for restaurants or any business that needs photos of a space, but I can also travel with equipment to take studio-ish photos at your workplace. This option limits your use of my props and backgrounds and travel fees apply, but it offers you or your entire team the freedom to be on site without missing your work day completely.

3. rent a studio

There’s no shortage of great studio spaces with functional kitchens in New Jersey; they’re only a short trip from NYC, but much more affordable than renting in the city. I’m always adding to my list of spaces, but there are a couple I return to because they consistently deliver a stellar client experience. I’m happy to give you studio recommendations based on your needs.


 There you have it!

If you still have questions about working together, be sure to check out my FAQ, where I’ve answered the most common questions I get from potential clients.

Or simply get in touch with the button below to start the process! You’ll fill out my contact form and I’ll get back to you with an online questionnaire or a phone call, whichever you prefer.

I look forward to hearing from you!